Arnaud Boucher and Thierry Page – we hunted with Wayne on his Mosale concession in northern Mozambique in November 2013. A real safari in a huge wilderness area. Excellent camp, excellent service – thank you! Arnaud Boucher – arno.boucher@gmail.com. Thierry Page – Thierry.page@free.fr


After reading Wayne’s book “Into the Thorns” I booked a leopard hunt with him in September 2010. We hunted his magnificent Matobo West area and I took a huge male leopard. Fantastic hunt. This man knows leopards. Steve Bridges – steve@stevebridges.us

Alex Campillo

I booked a leopard hunt with Wayne in June 2009, we hunted his beautiful area in South western Zimbabwe and I took a monster male leopard. What a hunt! We got the hunt on film too, what a bonus. Top class. Alex Campillo – alex@campillolaw.com


In May 2011 I hunted leopard with Wayne in his Marula concession, and crocodile on Lake Cahora Bassa – a wonderful safari! Huge male leopard and a magnificent crocodile! Wayne is a top PH. Highly recommended hunt. Ulf Håkansson – ownit.ulf@ownit.nu

Douglas Jacobsohn

You can say much about Wayne. I first learnt of him when getting his book “Into the Thorns ” and after reading that it was no question of who I wanted as my PH, taking my first ever buffalo and lately the Portuguese Leopard in June 2013. That’s a man with all his senses in the right place. Douglas Jacobsohn – douglas.jacobsohn@skuld.com


In August of 2013 I and my two sons Bill and Sean undertook a safari on Wayne’s Mount Mosale concession in northern Mozambique. This is a magnificent real “old Africa” wilderness. The hunting was hard but Wayne and his PH Koos De Wet were absolutely tireless. We took a magnificent male lion, big tom leopard, several sable and other game. Wonderful camp – top quality all the way! Warren Kelly – warrenkelly@walcro.com


I hunted with Wayne on Lake Cahora Bassa in Mozambique in July 2010. I took a magnificent leopard ( the biggest one taken in that area) and Jon Sweezey shot a monstrous 14’ crocodile. Wayne runs an excellent safari and is a very experienced leopard man. Stan Martin – sgmartin@optonline.net


In August of 2013 myself and Santiel Neto went on safari with Wayne on his Mosale area in Mozambique. What a wonderful safari! This is a real wilderness. We hunted hard on foot for buffalo and I took a massive old dhaga boy. We also took huge bull hippo, sable and other plainsgame. Camp, food, organisation everything excellent. Arthur Pacheco – vettresrios@uol.com.br


I booked a leopard safari with Wayne in the Zambezi Valley in August 2014. I had failed on several previous safaris to get a leopard. Finally I heard Wayne was the man to get me one. That was correct! We shot a beautiful tom and it was a thrill watching the cat in the daylight. Beautiful camp, top marks all the way. Dimitrie Sturdza – ds1@capranero.ro

Myself and Wayne Lu with a hard earned leopard. Omay, Zimbabwe.

We first hunted with Wayne in 1987. On that safari I took a big female leopard (they were legal in those days). Now 26 years later I wanted to enjoy one last African safari and finish up with a male leopard. In July of 2013 Wayne took us to the Omay area in northern Zimbabwe where we had an excellent safari. I took a big male cat, with my sons Trevor and Keith in the blind with me! Wayne is a hard working PH and knows leopard hunting. Wayne Grant is a hunter’s hunter, and I would recommend him without qualification. Wayne and Bernice Lu – blu3311@gmail.com


When I visited Wayne at his Mosale area in 2013 my target was one of the huge eland which live there. Wayne put me on to a magnificent bull (40” horns!), what a trophy! We really enjoyed the area, the camp and Wayne’s professionalism. Dietrich Maurice – d.maurice@maurice-consult.de


In May of 2014, in quest of a 40 inch buffalo, Wayne took me to Mazunga (southern Zimbabwe). We took a magnificent 43 1/2 inch bull with perfect boss, drop and curl. What a safari! Excellent accommodation and food, lots of game (we saw more than 30 lions!) Arthur Pacheco vettresrios@uol.com.br