I have enjoyed safaris with Wayne and Margie since the early nineties. We have taken magnificent full-maned lion in Tanzania, 2 giant male leopards in the Matobo Hills of Zimbabwe, and many buffalo and plainsgame species. Wayne is a dedicated, experienced hunter who is tireless in his pursuit of big game and he is also a safe hunter who doesn’t take unnecessary chances. He is a man of high integrity and we have become good friends and I look back on our many safaris together with great satisfaction. Sidney Lovell-Parker Phone: 55 21 2529 6353 My wife and I have been on numerous safaris with Wayne Grant. We have hunted Zimbabwe and Tanzania with Wayne over the past twenty years. We have hunted in some less than perfect conditions but Wayne has always overcome the obstacles to get the animals I have been after. Wayne is known as one of the premier leopard hunters in all of Africa. I have taken two leopards with Wayne. One about 160 lbs. and the other close to 200 lbs. Wayne is also a great Buffalo guide. I have taken numerous Buffalo with Wayne. The biggest being close to 50” wide. The plains game I have taken are numerous and of exceptional quality. If you are considering a hunt in Africa I would definitely recommend Wayne. Should you have any questions or want further comments please feel free to contact me. Ron McKim – ron@mckimhomes.com You can say much about Wayne. I first learnt of him when getting his book “Into the Thorns ” and after reading that it was no question of who I wanted as my PH taking my first ever buffalo and lately the Portuguese Leopard. That’s a man with all his senses in the right place. Douglas Jacobsohn – douglas.jacobsohn@skuld.com

Over the last 15 years I’ve hunted with Wayne Grant throughout Zimbabwe and Tanzania on 11 different safaris. I was able to take six leopards including two giants, half a dozen bull buffalos, a magnificent full-maned lion from Tanzania and countless plains game animals. Wayne is a tireless worker who never accepts defeat. He has all the attributes required of a top class professional hunter – honesty, integrity, real traditional hunting experience. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve hunted with him on eleven safaris – that should speak for itself. I can recommend him without hesitation Frank Zitz – zitzf@valstar.net I first met Wayne in 1994 when he organized a hunt in Zimbabwe for my two sons and me. It was a fabulous safari and we all got the trophies we wanted and had a wonderful time. Last August 2013 we hunted with Wayne in his concession in Mozambique. I’ve never seen a person work harder than Wayne to ensure we got a quality lion and leopard as well as other quality trophies. He is friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. He runs a very well organized hunting safari. Since 1994 we have hunted regularly in Africa and I can honestly say from personal experience with other outfitters that you will not find a better professional hunter/outfitter. We will definitely use Wayne on our next trip to Africa. Warren Kelly – warrenkelly@walcro.com Norma & I consider Wayne & Margie to be life-long friends. Wayne & Margie are people of integrity. Wayne’s ability as a PH was more than I had hoped for. An example, I wanted to shoot a gemsbok but Wayne insisted that we will do better He was right. I shot a much better trophy. 100% satisfied, No hiccups. All animals were trophy quality. Terry & Norma Pope – tpope@cowboy.net

I have been safaring with Wayne and Margie since the mid eighties – I have taken 43 species of African animals with more than 160 in total, and cannot recommend their operation highly enough. I’ve taken several elephant, more than two dozen buffalo, 3 leopards and two beautiful full-maned lions with Wayne. It doesn’t matter where the safari takes place – from Masaailand in Northern Tanzania, the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, the Matobo Hills, Matetsi, the Zimbabwe Lowveld, or the wide open plains of the South African Karoo, Wayne delivers the goods. He is dedicated to making his clients safari a success.
David Faust – Inyati19@aol.com


I booked my first safari in late 1984 for the 1985 hunting season in Zimbabwe with Wayne Grant. Wayne was in his first full season of operation on his own, after several years of freelancing. Since that exciting plainsgame hunt in 1985, my wife Kathy and I have returned many more times to hunt some of Africa’s best hunting areas with Wayne and his lovely wife Margaret. Whether it be hunting for cape buffalo in the Zambezi Valley, after one of Africa’s largest leopards in the Matobo Hills of southern Zimbabwe, plainsgame on the Shangani plain, or after the shy nyala on the brush covered hillsides of Pongola in South Africa – we have always enjoyed top quality hunting and great hospitality every step of the way. And during those past 29 years, Wayne has earned a widely-known and respected reputation for being a one of Africa’s finest leopard hunters. Year after year he produces some the best trophy leopard anywhere on the African continent. As an added treasure for Kathy and I, over the years our families have become very close and we are very proud to call Wayne and Margie our friends!
George and Kathy Ulmer – George.Ulmer@smith-blair.com

How can one give a person like Wayne Grant a reference without sounding patronizing…..? I have hunted with many PH’s in my life and I can say with 100% certainty that Wayne Grant is the best there is. Wayne literally “wrote the book” on Leopard hunting with “Into the Thorns”, a 500 page PLUS book on every aspect of Leopard Hunting….from the hunt itself to Leopard Conservation, which Wayne is very passionate about. Wayne is the epitome of an “Old School” Professional Hunter in every way…..from his skill/experience as a hunter to his honesty and integrity as a businessman….Wayne is beyond reproach. You can book your hunt with 100% confidence that you have booked the Safari of a Lifetime. To watch Wayne’s wizened Ndebele Trackers work is pure magic and when you return to camp at night you will find a camp run with military precision….you will be well taken care of and his staff will accommodate you in every way. I am a retired police officer (SWAT Team) from here in New York and I served with some of the “hardest” guys to be found and I can tell you that Wayne Grant is one of the toughest guys I ever met, both mentally and physically, so you will be in good hands! Finally I will say that hunting aside, Wayne is a GREAT guy to be around and we always have A LOT of laughs and light-hearted times together! What more can I say…book your Safari! Frank Campana Phone 914-473-6639 Leopardtrack@aol.com I have undertaken many safaris with Wayne and Margie, in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Cameroon. Our trophies include lion, leopard, buffalo and many plainsgame species. Wayne is highly experienced, physically tough and doesn’t give up. He is a great companion in the bush and I recommend him highly. John Strobel – strobel27@verizon.net